Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday 5: Things that Make Me Happy

Happy Friday!  This is an especially happy Friday because I have a nice long break from work.  I'm looking forward to some long days at the pool!  I'm linking up with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for the Friday 5 all about happy thoughts.  I'm excited to read about some things that are making others happy!  It's so nice to have positive things to read about.

1. Maddux.  He had to be first.  Guys, you knew this.

2. Watching the Pirates win.  I can't wait to go to the game tomorrow!  Sorry, Nats.  I'll cheer for you when you're playing someone else.

Wish I could go to PNC more regularly!

3. Races with my nice friend.  He is an awesome sport and goes to many of my races to support me, but it's not always easy to convince him to run with me!  He ran in the Charm City Crab Run with me last weekend and although it was hot, it was a great time!  I really liked running along the water and they had so many yummy snacks after!  When we finished the race we were handed a mug for beer samples and got to enjoy lots of fun beer. (Oh, and more snacks!)  The beer fest was a little different than most we've been to because you could choose whether you wanted a full glass or a sample.  Good times!

4. Trader Joe's Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls. Oh my gosh, these are so good.  They are nice because they are tiny enough that you can eat one in the afternoon and then another one later on in the day without feeling like a pig.  Another win for Trader Joe's!

5. Mary Kay Andrews books.  I have been waiting to read this book (I have a ton of reading for grad school and knew I would get caught up in my fun book over my school books!), but it is finally vacation time.  These books are just so girly, beachy, and fun and I can't wait to dive in! (Haha.)

What is making you happy lately?  Let's spread the joy!