Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday 5: Things I'm Lovin'

Poor blog has been neglected lately.  One day I hope to get back into a consistent place with writing (and reading!), but for now it looks like I'm just sticking to the Friday Five with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney!  Make sure to pop over and check out the link up!  Since my running has been in a sad place lately, I'm back to my usual Things I'm Lovin' post!  One day I might surprise y'all and mix it up!

1. Foster pups finding their families!  I picked up my latest foster pup on Sunday and he was adopted on Thursday!  Although I didn't have him long, I really loved having his adorable energy and sweet puppy snuggles for the week.  I must say though, it was a big change from our usual pace, and I think Maddux and I were both a little relieved when we could get back into our normal groove.  Congrats to Todd and his new family!

Todd really loved Maddux and all of Maddux's toys.
Guess how Maddux felt about that.

2. Volunteering with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.  Yes, you guys know this, and it totally goes with #1, but it is worth repeating.  They appreciate their volunteers so much, and I'm sure I get on their nerves with all my questions, but they never show it!  They work incredibly hard to find their pups the best home, and I highly recommend getting involved with them.  They have events in Virginia, Maryland, and DC, but there are a thousand ways to help out.  If you are an animal lover you will have a lot of fun.

Time flies when you get to hang out with cute pups like Todd!

3. Library E-Books.  (And let's be honest, the library in general.)  I really love my nook, and it's nice being able to check out books so easily.  While I love purchasing books, I try to only do it with books that I know I will want to share or read again.  I read a lot of mysteries, and they aren't quite as fun the second time.  My library also makes it easy to check out physical books.  You just go online, put your book on hold, and then you can run in and grab it off the holds shelf.  (I use the self check out, too, so I can be in and out of the library in less than 2 minutes.)

4. Luke Bryan's New Music!  I (and every other woman) love me some Luke Bryan and I have been really excited that new music is coming out!  My sister and I are going to see him this summer and his new album is coming at a perfect time.

We <3 summer concerts!

5.  Feeling ready to run again.  I have been taking a big ol' break since Shamrock, and while I've still been going to my run group and signed up for a couple of races, my heart just wasn't really in it.  You know you're ready to train again when you obsessively start searching for races.  I have three (!!!) half marathons I want to sign up for this fall, and am trying to decide if it's doable or if I may be a little crazy.  I'll share more after I send my credit card up in flames from registering!  They may have some big challenges thrown in, so I'm pretty excited about figuring out how to adjust my training plan!

Shamrock, I miss you! Can we relive that weekend?!

What are you loving lately? Happy weekend, friends!